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Clussys Joins Linux Foundation, Making Further Contributions to the Computing Industry


Clussys, a high-speed interconnection chip and solution provider officially joined the international open-source organization, the Linux Foundation and Linux Foundation Edge. With an innovative and open-source philosophy, Clussys aims to work with community members to promote the popularization of next-generation cluster interconnection standards under an open and unified hardware architecture.


The Linux Foundation, established in 2000, has over 1000 members and is a world-leading organization in cooperation on open-source software, open standards, open data, and open hardware. The projects of the Linux Foundation are crucial to the world's infrastructure, including Linux, Kubernetes, Node.js, and more.

Dr. Li, co-founder and CTO of Clussys, said the Linux Foundation has built a global open, collaborative, and assistive ecosystem as the world's largest open-source software community. We are very willing to contribute to areas such as low-latency switching algorithms like PCIe/CXL over Fabric as well as GPU parallel computing.

Clussys is a provider specializing in network system architecture design, as well as high-speed interconnection algorithms, chips, and overall hardware solution design. We offer world-leading PCIe/CXL Switch algorithms, chips, modules, and low-power overall hardware solutions.

LF Edge is an open-source foundation under the Linux Foundation, focusing on edge computing technology. It aims to establish an open and interoperable edge computing framework independent of hardware, chips, clouds, or operating systems, providing a common framework for future edge computing projects.

Dr. Li said that LF Edge is dedicated to implementing and promoting the Linux software ecology in the edge computing industry. Clussys will collaborate with industry leaders to contribute to the development of edge storage and edge networking.